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We focus on insurance claim litigation against insurance companies that have engaged in bad faith or unfair claim practices.  Where you have been wrongfully denied your insurance claim, or are offered ridiculously low settlements, that are far below the cost to repair the damages you have incurred.

You deserve this money! You have faithfully paid your premiums; now they need to pay your claim!

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David Graham Insurance Law has earned a reputation for aggressively protecting client’s rights. Insurance companies know that we won’t tolerate bad faith and unfair claim practices.



Thank you for visiting our website. My hope is that you’ll come away knowing that I am committed to fighting for your rights, we will work hard to secure the insurance settlement you deserve.



To schedule a free consultation, please contact David Graham Insurance Law today at 386.454.LOSS (5677), or complete the online evaluation form. It’s fast and it is absolutely free. Get started below.

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My office offers a free, no-obligation initial consultation in any case involving an insurance coverage dispute. We get paid when you are awarded a settlement. It is absolutely essential that you contact us as soon as possible, before memories fade or important evidence is lost.

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“I have handled hundreds of cases, and my clients often receive substantially more money than the insurance companies first offered. Rather than going for the easy settlement, I will fight for the money and benefits to which you are entitled, and the insurance companies know it!…”