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“I am here to serve you, and help you get what you deserve.”

Thank you for visiting our website. My hope is that you’ll come away knowing that I am committed to fighting for your rights, and that nobody will work harder to secure the insurance settlement you deserve.

I take pride in personally handling each and every insurance coverage dispute with great care and due diligence. Because I focus on insurance coverage disputes, I’m wise to the various strategies and tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying your claim, delay paying your claim or pay less than the fair value for your claim.

That knowledge makes me well prepared to handle your insurance claim litigation. Insurance companies know that I won’t tolerate bad faith or unfair claim practices.

There’s a reason I’m so passionate about defending people whose claims have been denied or underpaid.

I’ll never forget how an insurance company took advantage of my parents when their home caught fire. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t know their rights. I have also known a number of other people who’ve had similar experiences over the years and thought they had no recourse.

That’s why I became a lawyer and why I’m unrelenting in my pursuit of justice for my clients.

My practice has experienced unprecedented growth, and I’ve seen numerous referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate the care and personal attention I offer, as well as the generous awards I obtain for them.

I have handled hundreds of cases, and my clients often receive substantially more money than the insurance companies first offered. Rather than going for the easy settlement, I will fight for the money and benefits to which you are entitled, and the insurance companies know it!

My office offers a free, no-obligation initial consultation in any case involving an insurance coverage dispute.

We get paid when you are awarded a settlement. It is absolutely essential that you contact us as soon as possible before memories fade or important evidence is lost. You can call anytime, day or night, even weekends and holidays.

If you can’t come to my office, I will come to you in your home or hospital room.



Jacksonville, Florida, Insurance Claim Litigation Attorney David M. Graham holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Juris Doctor degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Mr. Graham is a member of the Florida Bar and is licensed to practice law in all state courts in the State of Florida and the federal courts in the Middle District of Florida.

He started his own practice, David Graham Insurance Law, in 2012.

Mr. Graham has handled insurance coverage disputes against some of the most prestigious corporations and insurance companies, including:

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company, St. Johns Insurance Company, Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Cypress Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Castle Key Insurance Company, Allstate Insurance, State Farm, and Security First Insurance to name a few.

Community Service

Mr. Graham’s ties to the Jacksonville community go back to 1985. He is involved in the Duval County Schools and supports community-based charities as well as Hope International

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