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Have you submitted a claim for an accident, but the insurance company denied it? Getting injured because of another person’s negligence, or having your property damaged is hard enough without the insurance company’s claim denial rubbing salt on the wound. Around 10% of all insurance claims are denied. Although these rates are small, that’s hardly comforting when your claim is the one the insurance company refuses to acknowledge or decides to underpay drastically. If your claim has been denied or you think the insurance company’s offer is grossly unfair, you need the assistance of a qualified Florida insurance claim denial lawyer asap.

Our Florida insurance law firm specializes in claim denials, tough cases, and underpayments when it comes to auto accidents, personal injury, and property damage. We understand the unique hardship that personal injuries and accidents put on the average person and their families. You may have missed work, had your only car totaled, or be dealing with a permanent disability and chronic pain due to the nature of your accident.

If your claim is denied on top of all that, it’s a stressful, devastating experience. Contact our dedicated and experienced Florida insurance lawyer today. Our team is ready to fight for your rights.

Why do insurance companies deny personal injury claims?

Sometimes, insurance companies have a valid reason for denying accident, property damage,  and personal injury claims. But most of the time, they deny claims because it’s simply in their best interest to pay out as little as possible for accident claims.

An insurance company is a business, and their prerogative is to make money. For them, it doesn’t pay to settle claims for the amount they are worth in the eyes of the law. Our Florida claim denial lawyer is highly experienced with getting the insurance companies to uphold their responsibility to accident and personal injury victims. Some of the most common reasons insurance companies cite for claim denials or underpayments are:

  • The accident victim has a pre-existing health condition
  • The victims have had surgery or previous injuries
  • The claimant waited too long before seeking medical attention or reporting the claim

Once you’ve been injured, the insurance company will try to get you to sign medical authorization forms. These forms give the insurance company the right to search your medical records and medical history for any previous injuries, surgeries, or pre-existing health conditions that might provide them with leeway for denying a claim. If they find that you have a pre-existing health condition, they can use that to deny your claim. Also, the insurance company can use past injuries or surgical procedures to base their denial on the fact that your injuries from the accident are not as severe as you claim.

The best way to avoid this and prevent the insurance company from using previous injuries or health issues as the basis for their claim denial is not to sign any medical authorization forms in the first place. If the insurance company has pressured you into signing a medical authorization form, please contact our Florida insurance attorney today. We have extensive experience handling these types of thorny cases, and our top-rated insurance attorney in Florida has won millions of dollars in settlements for accident and property damage victims.

For those who’ve been injured in an accident, it’s critical to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t think you’ve been hurt, injuries can sometimes take several days to manifest any symptoms. Our Florida insurance denial attorney has also worked with clients who’ve stated that they aren’t injured at the scene of an accident and then have gone on to experience serious health issues after the insurance company promptly denied their claim. If you wait to seek medical attention, the insurance company will use that lapse in time to say that you aren’t hurt, or that your injuries are less serious than you say. They’ll use this line of reasoning to either outright deny your claim or try to underpay the claim. Also, waiting to report an accident or property damage to the insurance company can result in a claim denial, too.

What should you do if your claim is denied?

Our clients come to us experiencing severe hardship and emotional distress when their claims have been denied. Regardless of what the insurance company decides to do, you still have bills to pay, a job to do, and if you’ve been injured, you might also be dealing with doctors’ appointments and medical debt. Any time your claim is outright denied, stalled, or only partially accepted by the insurance company, you need to contact an experienced claim denial lawyer in Florida. It’s in the insurance company’s best interest to deny your claim, even if you’ve faithfully paid your premiums for years. A Florida insurance denial lawyer will know precisely how to deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

At Graham Insurance LAw, our Florida insurance claim lawyer is ready to fight for your rights, and you get you the compensation you deserve for your accident or injury. Our legal team will conduct a full and thorough investigation of your case once you contact our Florida insurance law firm. From there, we’ll draft and send a settlement demand letter to the insurance company, compelling them to uphold their end of the bargain and give you the just compensation you deserve for your insurance claim. If they are unwilling to settle the claim for an amount that is fair to you, we are ready and willing to file a formal lawsuit and go to trial on your behalf.

 A Florida Insurance Claim Attorney Fighting for Your Rights : David Graham Insurance Law:

Our Florida insurance claim attorney doesn’t get paid until we get a settlement for you. While it’s in the insurance company’s best interest to give you as little as possible, our Florida insurance law firm has a vested interest in obtaining the maximum amount possible for your claim under the full extent of Florida law. Please contact our team today to get started with your free initial consultation.