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We are your insurance, accident, and personal injury lawyers in Jacksonville and Panama City, FL. 

        David Graham Insurance Lawyers has earned a reputation for aggressively protecting client’s rights. Our insurance law firm has two main offices in Florida. One is located in Downtown Jacksonville and the other in Downtown High Springs, Florida. Insurance companies know that our insurance lawyers won’t tolerate bad faith and unfair claim practices where you have been wrongfully denied your insurance claim, or are offered ridiculously low settlements that are far below the cost to repair the damages you have incurred. You deserve this money. You have faithfully paid your premiums; now the insurance companies need to pay your claim! It’s not fair to you or a loved one to experience property loss, an auto accident, or personal injury only for your insurance company to give you the runaround. That’s where our insurance lawyers come in: 

Denied claim or bad faith insurance? 

My team and I focus on insurance coverage disputes, claim denials, and underpayments in property damage, auto accidents, and personal injury. These are claims that have either been outright denied, delayed for weeks and months, or have been underpaid and limited in the scope of repairs. In our experience as insurance lawyers, we’ve picked up on the tactics insurance companies use to manipulate and prolong insurance claims so that they can pay you substantially less money than what they owe you on a claim. They’d rather pay for patch and repair as opposed to complete restoration. That is assuming they even pay at all. Our insurance lawyers do not settle for underpayments.

We understand apprehension and hesitancy in seeking out a lawyer to defend you if you’ve never experienced an insurance claim dispute or any legal dispute period. We don’t blame you. If you’ve never worked with an insurance lawyer prior to today you’re probably thinking…

Lawyers just want my money or How can I possibly afford a lawyer?  

Our clients come first. We’re not awarded a payment until you’re awarded a settlement. Our team is assertive in action. We fight to get you exactly what you deserve. At David Graham Insurance Lawyers there are no gimmicks and games. We’re upfront and honest. If you’re suffering loss as a result of property damage, auto accident, or personaly injury, call us today to schedule a free, no obligation consultation. It costs you nothing, and can potentially save you so much more in the long run.

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Claim types we cover

You’ve faithfully paid your insurance premiums, and now you’ve suffered damage from a windstorm or hurricane, arson or fire, sinkhole, water, flood, hail, mold, or injuries as a result of an auto accident. Policyholders expect the insurance company to live up to their end of the bargain. Instead, the insurance company gives you the runaround and tries every tactic in the book to deny paying your claim, delay paying your claim, or pay less than the fair value of your claim. That’s when it’s time to get the insurance lawyers at David Graham Insurance Lawyers involved. Our insurance lawyers have picked up on the numerous tactics insurance companies use to tiptoe around policyholder’s insurance claims.

Storm Damage

Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes cause wind damage to millions of homes each year. To reduce the amount insurance companies pay out, they often underestimate the cost of repairs, may miscalculate deductibles, or challenge what is covered by your policy.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes cause billions of dollars worth of damage when they strike, especially when they’re higher categories such as recent hurricanes like Irma and Harvey. Insurance Companies dread natural disasters like hurricanes because they are understaffed…

Fire Damage

David Graham Insurance Law represents clients whose legitimate fire damage claims have been delayed, undervalued or outright denied. To avoid paying claims, some insurance companies have even resorted to accusing policyholders of arson.

Auto Accidents

You can’t control the conditions of the road, and you did everything in your power to stay out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, you fell victim to an unfortunate incident and experienced what everyone hopes they don’t ever have to face: an auto accident and bodily injuries.

Water Damage

A common reason that property owners file an insurance claim in the United States is water damage being discovered at their property. Water damage to a property is most often caused by a pipe leak or bursts in your home or concrete slab…

Personal Injury

Going through the pain of suffering from personal injury is a very stressful and demanding experience both emotionally and financially. Whether it’s an auto accident, medical malpractice, or premises liability action due to the negligence of the property owner, you need experienced help.

Excellent performance. Outstanding customer service. One heck of a lawyer. David Graham held my crooked insurance company's feet to the fire and got me the settlement that the insurance company was trying to wiggle out of. Highly recommend.

Jeremy BeckGoogle Review

Awesome attorney that will get you the results you truly deserve from your insurance company. I highly recommend David Graham to anyone that is needing help getting your insurance company to reimburse you for what you've been paying them for all these years...

Teresa AdamsGoogle Review

I was referred to David after my insurance company denied my roof claim, accused me of fraud, and cancelled my coverage. Our case is still in process but their service has been first rate throughout the process and I'm confident they will achieve a desirable outcome.

DanielGoogle Review

Very professional, honest, and hard-working.

Callie JettGoogle Review

Why clients choose David Graham Insurance Law

Hear what one of our recent clients experienced from Hurricane Irma and why they decided they needed David Graham Insurance Law to handle their insurance case. They decided their case was bigger than they wanted to handle on their own so they called our team. If you don’t know where to begin or how to approach your case, our insurance lawyers can help. Schedule a free case evaluation by filling out the form below to get help from an attorney today.

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You don’t pay unless we win.

Our insurance lawyers are paid when you are awarded a settlement. It is absolutely essential that you swiftly get the help you need and deserve before memories fade or important evidence is lost. You can call anytime, day or night, even weekends and holidays. If you can’t come to my office, we will come to you.

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