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Car Accident Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Drivers spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles every day in Jacksonville. Most suburban residents commute anywhere between 20 and 30-minutes a day, one way, to get to work depending on where they live. That’s 25-30 hours a month just in work commutes, notwithstanding life errands and social occasions. The more time we spend on the roadways, the more vulnerable we are to accidents.

The freeway stretch of I-95 through Jacksonville has been deemed one of the deadliest highways in the country, which means drivers have to be incredibly alert and focused. There are studies underway to understand what might be contributing to this, but some experts say that drivers are more distracted than ever. This might explain part of why Jacksonville sees so many accidents and fatalities.

If you have ever been in a car accident, then you are likely aware of how involved an accident claim can get. At David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A., we work to get the entire picture of an accident so we can justly represent our clients. If you have any questions about your specific car accident, we urge you to contact our Jacksonville car accident lawyers today.

In the rest of this article, we are going to take a look at some of the potential reasons Jacksonville sees so many roadway accidents.

Defining Dangerous Drivers

The Distracted Driver

Drivers are more distracted than ever today, be that from in-car elements or from interpersonal life situations. A simple cup of coffee these days can turn into a full-blown crisis on the road which is why drivers have to be extra cautious when driving. From eating, putting on makeup, checking a cell phone or changing the radio station; all of these things can be prevented and often lead to car accidents.

If you have to get up earlier to get ready and eat, or if you need to turn off a cell phone or pre-program your radio, drivers have to take as many precautions as possible. When you get into a car accident with a distracted driver, you will want to reach out to a Jacksonville car accident attorney to work on your case. This is a serious offense, and they can easily be found liable if there is evidence they were distracted by something that was preventable.

The Drunk Driver

In Duval County, 32% of traffic fatalities involve a drunk driver. While the number of DUI accidents have dropped over the past few years, they are still one of the leading causes of deaths on our roadways. The impact is significant as well, not just on those who are injured as a result, but for the driver. Penalties are weighty and leave drivers without driving privileges with permanent criminal records.

The Tired Driver

We have all felt the impact of a lack of sleep behind the wheel. When we sense that, most of us will stop and recover. For some, they will try to plow through hoping they will “wake up” and get to their destination. While proving a “tired driver” accident case can be difficult, we know of ways to learn the condition of a driver and prove they shouldn’t have been behind the wheel. Contact your Jacksonville car accident law firm, David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A. today to help you with a case like this.

The Rubbernecker

Humans are a curious bunch, right? When we pass by an accident or strange happening on the road, we have a tendency to want to see what is going on with our own eyes. In fact, it often not enough to even have someone in the car explain it, we have to rubberneck to see it. This is not only dangerous but often leads to car accidents. As drivers, the scariest part of this is that it’s hard to detect. Many of us can recognize a tired driver and avoid these people, a rubbernecked driver is far harder to stay away from.

The Teen Driver

The statistics don’t lie, teens just have high rates of accidents. This might be because they are more easily distracted or just less experienced behind the wheel. In any case, teen drivers tend to be involved in a good many roadway incidents, and they should be avoided if detected. We can’t logically spend our days trying to drive around them, but if you notice a distracted teen driver, you may want to avoid them or call authorities if they are causing a dangerous situation.

Early in this article, we talked about the Jacksonville, Florida commute times. While these pale in comparison to the freeways in Miami or Los Angeles, it’s important to note how traffic congestion increases the chances of car accidents. As some of Jacksonville’s best car accident lawyers, many of the cases we see in our office tend to deal with less severe accidents. In fact, we handle more slower-speed collisions than you might imagine, many of these coming from traffics jams and congestion. Here are a few things to be aware of during your busy commute.

  • Slow Traffic Allows for Distractions – When drivers are forced to slow down during their commutes they seem to think there is less “danger” in general. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, while people are less likely to die in a 5-mph fender-bender, you would be surprised at how many of those end in serious injuries. Stay focused and steer clear of these drivers.
  • Temper – Commutes are a hotbed for road rage behavior. Everyone wants to get to their destination as fast as possible, especially after a long day of work. The irritability factor of drivers is already present, which can lead to cutting each other off or erratic driving resulting in accidents. The best option is to keep your cool and try to enjoy the quiet time to yourself.
  • Welcome to Our City – Jacksonville is a desirable place to live according to S. World News and Reports, which has lead to population growth and yes, increased traffic. We are not going to change that, the secret is already out, so we suggest finding alternate routes to and from work to help you avoid roadway incidents. Be proactive and check traffic apps to help you plan a route before you’re stuck in traffic with no end in sight.

Can we help you with your car accident case? The David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A. offices can help with a skilled team of Jacksonville car accident attorneys. Give us a call and let’s see what we can do to help you find justice for your case.


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