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The fundamentals and principles behind David Graham Insurance Lawyers.

Our clients come first.

We take pride in personally handling each and every insurance coverage dispute with great care and due diligence. Because we focus on insurance coverage disputes, we’re wise to the various strategies and tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying your claim, delay paying your claim or pay less than the fair value for your claim. That knowledge makes us well prepared to handle your insurance claim litigation. Insurance companies know that we won’t tolerate bad faith or unfair claim practices. There’s a reason we’re so passionate about defending people whose claims have been denied or underpaid.

Our practice has experienced unprecedented growth, and we’ve seen numerous referrals from satisfied clients who appreciate the care and personal attention we offer, as well as the generous awards we obtain for them. We have handled hundreds of cases, and our clients often receive substantially more money than the insurance companies first offered. Rather than going for the easy settlement, we will fight for the money and benefits to which you are entitled, and the insurance companies know it. We’ve seen too many cases where insurance companies will pay less than what is rightfully owed to their policyholders if they even pay at all. They’ll try to pay for patch and repair when they should be paying for replacement and restoration. Even though they know that the policyholder purchased coverage that entitles them to more the insurance companies pay less. You deserve better than that. Your home and your family deserve better than that.

For David, it became personal.

“I’ll never forget how an insurance company took advantage of my parents when their home caught fire. Unfortunately, my parents didn’t know their rights. I have also known a number of other people who’ve had similar experiences over the years and thought they had no recourse.

That’s why I became a lawyer and why I’m unrelenting in my pursuit of justice for my clients,” – David Graham, Insurance Lawyer

You have faithfully paid your premiums so it’s only right that they faithfully pay your claim. If you want to get the coverage that you paid for, then it’s time to bring in legal professionals who are dedicated to policyholders like you and methodically go after your insurance companies for the coverage that you deserve. That’s where our legal team comes in. If you need an Insurance Lawyer, our team offers a free, no obligation case evaluation. It costs you nothing, and could potentially save you so much more when you get the help you deserve. We get paid when you are awarded a settlement. When you win, we win. If you lose, we lose.


We are David Graham Insurance Lawyers. We’re your insurance lawyers and we are committed to helping those who need it most.

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