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Florida Insurance Lawyers

Why You May Need an Insurance Lawyer

Insurance exists to protect us from some of the most devastating things we face in a lifetime. We count on insurance to help us through things like a car accident, a house fire or a medical procedure. In a perfect world, we would pay our premiums each month, and in return, we would get the financial coverage we need to withstand the storm that we may find ourselves in from time to time.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. While you want to maximize your coverage, the insurance company is seeking to minimize what they payout, which may leave you in a tricky (or worse yet, life-threatening) set of circumstances. If and when you find yourself in this predicament, it is important you seek out an insurance lawyer in Florida such as David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A..

How to Determine if you Need a Florida Insurance Claim Lawyer

When there is satisfactory communication going on between you and your insurance holder, you may want to stay the course and continue to see if they will handle your insurance dispute correctly or justly. However, when your insurance holder doesn’t seem to adhere to the policy laid out and is less than communicative, it may be time to hire legal support to help you communicate and get to a resolution. In essence, if the insurance company has seemed to halt progress and left you without resolve or correspondence, it’s time to hire a Florida insurance claim lawyer.

Preparing for a Florida Insurance Law Firm

As you prepare to seek the support of a Florida Insurance attorney, you’ll want to gather as much information as possible about your policy. This includes the policy itself, the declarations information, as well as the endorsements ] or rider materials.

Find the Right Florida Insurance Claim Attorney

No matter where you are in the insurance claim process, you can always seek out an attorney to help you understand your rights and guide you through the process. This can be helpful even if the insurance company is seeking to resolve the issue with you, but maybe, is taking a lot of time.

Finding the right Florida insurance attorney can be a task, so give yourself plenty of time to find the right one, well before you have to worry about any restrictions or statute of limitations. Do some interviews until you identify the right firm and then get a consultation, so you know what to do with your case going forward. This is the most proactive way to handle your case, if and when the insurance company stops trying to work with you.

Be sure to stick to insurance denial attorneys, and not just a family or criminal lawyer. Everyone has their specialty, and you’ll want to work with someone who understands insurance legalities so they can best guide you. Here are some additional tips for hirings an insurance denial attorney in Florida:

  • Ask for Referrals From Legal Professionals – Lawyers are friends with other lawyers and many will be happy to guide you to someone who works in the legal insurance field.
  • Conduct Interviews – This is a professional relationship, and it needs to work for both you and your potential lawyer. Sit down for a quick meeting and get a sense of who you feel you can best count on and trust.
  • Prepare and Ask Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask a Florida insurance denial lawyer about their history, casework, where they went to school and what kind of associations they are a part of. Further, don’t be afraid to ask about how the lawyer handles legal fees.

Legal Process for a Florida Insurance Denial Claim

The scope of your case will likely determine the path of your litigation. If everyone seems to be working together to get to a resolution, you may find that a mediation-style process is the best course of action.

If your case involves multiple factors or layers, arbitration might be a better fit which will tend to be like mediation but more formal. Arbitration can be a non-binding or binding form of legalities to get to a mutually agreed-upon outcome. An arbitrator, in this situation, might actually make the decision in this kind of litigation.

Finally, as a last resort, if your insurance denial claim seems to be at an impasse, you will work with a lawyer to help you through the court process where a judge is likely to have the final say on your case.

The Financial Arrangements With a Claim Denial Lawyer

One of the most asked questions in the legal field from clients is, “how much will it cost to hire a lawyer?” While we can’t answer that for everyone, we can tell you the framework behind how the financial agreements are typically structured.

  • Per Hour Cost – Hiring a lawyer by the hour can be pricey but may work in specific situations. For example, if you seem to be communicating with the insurance company on your own but need some additional support to handle your case, hiring a lawyer to help you with the details might be worth it. This may “not” be a good option if your situation is complex in nature and will likely take months or longer to work through.
  • Contingency Fee – This form of payment is usually based upon how promising your case appears. A Florida insurance claim attorney takes your case knowing they are likely to see compensation on the backside of your case.
  • Combination Fee – Your attorney may request that you work on both an hourly or Contingency fee structure. This can look different from one lawyer to the next, however, it may be helpful if the outcome of your case isn’t straight forward. In this payment structure, the lawyer may ask for a small retainer upfront and collect more money on the other side of the case.

We hope this look into the insurance denial claim process has been helpful and gives you some ideas on how to move forward with your case. At David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A., we here to listen to your claim and welcome you to reach out to us so we can learn more about your situation. Give us a call or connect with us online.

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