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Personal Injury Lawyers In Jacksonville, Florida

personal injury attorneys

In personal injury cases, you tend to have more questions than answers when it comes to where you stand and how to handle a legal battle if you decided to go down that path. At David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A., our Personal Injury Attorneys manage all kinds of personal injury cases, from premise liability to car accidents, and everything in between. These cases can get complicated quickly, especially when you’re trying to juggle your own recovery.

We know you have a lot of questions, so we have put together this “Frequently Asked Questions” guide to help you navigate through the personal injury legal space. If you have any follow-up questions we don’t cover here, we suggest calling the Jacksonville personal injury lawyers at our offices to help you with your specific case.

Personal Injury – Accident Law

Q: What am I supposed to do after a car accident?

A: Here are step-by-step actions to take after you’ve been involved in an accident.

  • Call Law Enforcement – If anyone is injured, you will want to alert 911, and they will automatically send law enforcement to assist. This will ensure you get the right care and a report by Jacksonville authorities.
  • Document the Scene – If you are able, try to take in as much of the sense as possible by taking photos of the accident, your injuries, the intersection or roadway, etc. You can also seek out witnesses and collect their contact information.
  • Medical Evaluation – Even if you seem to be reasonably okay, you might want to get checked out by a medical physician. You can do this at the ER or your regular provider. Sometimes, injuries can take days to show up.
  • Report to Your Insurance Company – While the other driver’s insurance will likely handle much of your damages, your insurer might have the resources to assist you. This will be helpful as you potentially pursue any legal action.
  • Call David Graham and our Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorneys – We have decades of experience handling car accident law and would be happy to assess and assist in getting you through the legal process of a car accident.

Q: I was injured at work, should I get my own lawyer or should I just go through the company?

A: If you were injured at work and have workplace injury coverage, you might be able to work through your company. However, you should be fully aware that even workplace insurers are looking to pay out as little as possible for your claim. If you suspect that your workplace isn’t providing you the compensation you deserve, give us a call and consult with our personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville.

Personal Injury – Insurance Factors

Q: Am I required to talk with the other party’s insurance company representative?

A: The short answer is, no. Most Jacksonville injury lawyers would suggest that you steer clear from engaging with the opposition insurer until you have a clear picture of what the claim looks like or can identify their intentions. While they may sound like they are trying to be helpful, often they are trying to find a reason to avoid paying you what you deserve. Your best option is to contact an injury lawyer in Jacksonville to review your case and let them speak on your behalf.

Q: Is it easier if I just settle now? I need the money.

A: We understand that waiting to be compensated through an insurance company can be a trick-bag. It’s a waiting game that many people cannot endure, be that they are not working or their medical bills are piling up. You are free to settle your case at any time with the insurance company if that is what they are offering. Be aware that most insurance companies offer low compensation for those who settle early and without legal representation.

Personal Injury – Case Expectations

Q: What should I do to prepare for my personal injury case?

A: Here are two important actions to take to get ready for your case.

  • Keep and Attend Medical Appointments – Your commitment to your recovery process is crucial to your injury case. Keep your appointments and follow the orders of your doctor. Keep all the records, prescriptions, and paperwork associated with these appointments as well. This is all evidence for your case.
  • Communicate – When anything changes with you or your case, you need to alert our legal team as soon as possible. This includes any new medical inquiries or procedures, any changes with your work circumstances, change of address, etc. Don’t place your legal team in a situation where there are surprises.

Q: How much money does it cost to work with a personal injury law firm in Jacksonville?

A: The only way to get a full picture of this is to give us a call so we can discuss the details of your personal injury case. There are times, working on an hourly basis works, especially for one-off legal guidance. Other times, we work on contingencies where we get paid when you do. Call us today to learn what situation you fall into so we can best serve you and your interests.

Q: How much money is my personal injury case worth?

A: Since personal injury cases differ from one person to the next, as well as the circumstances, it would be reckless to speculate about your claim. What we can tell you is that personal injury claims can cover the bare minimum for immediate medical needs, while other cases are worth tens of thousands of dollars in compensation.


We hope this helps in answering some of the most common questions we get surrounding personal injury cases. If you need legal representation for your case call our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys today so we can help you get on the road to recovery.

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