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Insurance Lawyers In Panama City, Florida

Americans spend just over $1,300 in car insurance annually. Floridians spend over $2,000 a year on homeowners insurance which is the highest among all 51 states. The average American pays over $10,300 for healthcare insurance each year. This would all be really impressive if what you got in return was satisfactory, but as we know, there is a real debate as to how well insurance companies take care of their policyholders.

We are required to carry car insurance by law, same with homeowners insurance in order to secure loans, and until recently, you had to have health insurance as well or pay a fine/tax for not having it.

At David Graham Insurance Lawyers, P.A. we work with clients every day who are dissatisfied with their insurance companies and have had to take them on just to get their claims settled. If you are experiencing a similar situation, keep reading because we are going to talk about how a Panama City insurance lawyer can help you.

Identifying Which Insurance Lawyer in Panama City You Need

  • “Bad Faith” Insurance Lawyer – When your own insurance has denied your claim, and you feel that they have done so without merit or reason.
  • Personal Injury Insurance Lawyer – If you have been denied in your personal injury claim or are dealing with an uninsured driver, you may need a lawyer. A Panama City insurance denial attorney may be helpful in the case where your claim has been denied.
  • Worker Compensation Insurance Lawyer – When you cannot get a settlement through your work-based insurance coverage or have been denied a claim a lawyer who specialized in this field would be a benefit to your case.
  • A Social Security or Disability Insurance Lawyer – You would hire a specialized attorney if you aren’t getting your coverage from Medicare, Medicaid or other government-based programs or are denied a claim for no reason.

Other Reasons to Hire an Insurance Law Firm in Panama City

There are plenty of other reasons to hire an insurance Attorney in Panama City which can help you work through your insurance claim, process your claim or denial, and calculate the damages that you are owed. Especially when you’ve been denied a claim, a Panama City insurance denial lawyer can genuinely help you reopen your case. Here are a few instances where you should consider hiring an insurance lawyer.

  • Injured by a Third Party – Personal Injury Insurance Attorney
  • Injured by a Medical Professional or Facility – Medical Malpractice Insurance Attorney
  • Injured at Work – An Insurance Lawyer who handles workman compensation cases
  • Damage to Your Home – Hurricane, Bad Faith, Homeowners Insurance Attorney

Checking Out Potential Panama City Insurance Attorneys

Whether you have a lawyer or not, you might want to consider a few things before moving forward with them or hiring someone depending on your situation and their history. Here are some great tips on how to find and hire the right attorney.

Start With Basic Online Research

Check out websites, review sites, and social media profiles. This may give you some insight as to who you’ll be working with and how they take care of their clients. Their websites should have basic information about their areas of practice, but also offer visitors more insight into their business. Look for blogs, articles, news and company announcements that give you an idea about what kind of business they run.


Insurance law referrals will be harder to find among friends and family, but if you do have any friends in the legal field, you might ask if they know about any of your top contenders.

News, Publicity, Association

Pair the Panama City insurance law firm with the words, “law” “news” or “reviews.” This may lead you to professional media sites or associations that partner with the firm.

Experience in Your Area of Need

Insurance Attorneys in Panama City aren’t necessarily hard to find, but finding one in your area of need might prove to be more challenging depending on your case. Look for their expertise in casework that relates closely to yours. For example, if you have had a claim denied, you’ll want to be sure to hire a claim denial lawyer in Panama City.

Interview Your Top Picks

This will give you a chance to sit down with the lawyer or talk to them over the phone and get a better sense of how they treat you. This is a professional relationship, and you should each get the chance to interview one another. Ask about their professional background, their education, and how they might handle a case like yours.

Conflicts of Interest

Some lawyers represent (or have represented) the very insurance companies you’re trying to fight. Ask them to define any conflicts of interest so you feel comfortable to hire them.

Fee Structures and Retainer Agreements

Before you enter into a contract or agreement for representation, ask the attorney for the financial retainer or fee structure agreement. You should know exactly how you are charged or how aspects of representation are valued so you can do your own calculations.

Tips to Support Your Insurance Attorney

After you find the best Panama City insurance lawyer for you, consider some of the ways “you” can help your attorney win your case. Be logical in your requests and buckle up, as many insurance claim suits can take a long time. Here are some ways our clients help us get the settlements they deserve.

  • Follow Legal Direction – Insurance lawyers are versed in how to win cases like yours, and their expertise should be listened to and followed. It’s okay to question and wonder why they’ve asked you to do something or obtain some kind of information but remember, they are working for you and are often not getting paid unless you do.
  • Communicate – Communication during an insurance claim is essential especial as factors change. Since these cases can take a long time to settle, you will inevitably see life changes along the way. Alert your attorney to any of these changes so there are no surprises. Things like job changes, demotions, promotions, living arrangements, etc, are all critical factors to your case.
  • Evidence – Hold on to everything. We even mean that little receipt for the prescription you had to pay for out of pocket. Every shred of evidence can be used to support your case and build a compelling claim that the insurance company cannot ignore. If you’re unsure about what can be considered evidence, ask your attorney to explain this to you, so you are super clear.

If you believe our team of Panama City insurance claim lawyers can help you, please give the David Graham Insurance Lawyer, P.A. offices a call today. We would be happy to learn about your case and direct you to the best possible outcome for your situation.


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